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Have you ever thought opera wasn’t for you? Would you rather listen to singing over a beer than in a theatre? Here at Pensacola Opera, we present a wide range of events varying in size, scope, and repertoire throughout the season. You’ll see us doing everything from Pours & Encores event in a local brewery to traditional masterpieces in the historic Saenger Theatre. Explore this page to discover our four “Opera Personas,” which categorize all of our offerings to make it easier to discover which events you’d be most drawn to.

From late night events to a twist on the classics, Opera Bold  is perfect for everyone looking to step outside of the box and into opera with an edge.

Opera After Dark


Bourbon & Broadway


Love these events?  Why not try a classic!


Opera is an artform that has stood the test of time.  Here in Opera Classic you will find out what has made opera speak to generation after generation.Season Preview



Are you loving the classics?  Get social and meet like-minded people in our community!

Opera is so much more than a red carpet event!  Join us for some great events that are the perfect way to get familiar with opera.


Brown Bag Opera

Pours & Encores

Brunch with the Opera

Loving these events?  Time to be bold! 

Come and meet like-minded people and talk about what you love, opera!  Pensacola Opera offers a range of events from casual socials to galas, but with Opera Social, the focus is always on the art that brought us all together.

AIRs Meet & Greet Bravi Wine Tasting Jukebox Gala Glitz & Glam Holiday Party Dinner & An Aria Meet the Artists Luncheon Cues from the Maestro Opening Night Reception Champagne Brunch That’s Amore Operazzi Ball

Let loose with your new friends at our casual Opera Rookie events!

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