Livestream Support

Joining us for a livestream this season? everything you need to know is below!

New this year, Pensacola Opera is pleased to share an exclusive Livestream experience for our patrons. Catch our mainstage productions live from the Saenger Theatre from the comfort of your own home!

Upon purchasing your Virtual Streaming ticket of a performance, you will receive an email containing a link. In order to watch the stream, there is no need to download any additional apps or programs. The video will simply play when the link is clicked. A new window will appear, and you will be taken directly to the video. If you would like to test your link ahead of time, clicking on the link in advance will display a countdown.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Log in to your email account on whatever device you plan to view the performance.
  2. Open the email containing the link for the stream.
  3. Click the link, and see the window appear. The stream will begin once the show starts.
  4. Enjoy the performance

Things to know:

  • To view the link on a device, you must either have direct access to your email from an internet browser, or a device or connective device to cast the video from one device to another.
  • Each link can only be viewed on one device at a time. If you would like for someone who is not in your household to watch, you must purchase more than one link.
  • The stream will be live, in real time. As such, there will be no fast forwarding or rewinding of the performance. If you don’t click the link before the performance begins, you will not have access to the content that has already streamed.
  • A Google Chromecast is the easiest device to use for casting the stream to your television.
  • Some smart televisions come equipped with an internet browser, check your product manual to determine if yours has this capability.
  • An Amazon Firestick has the ability to download a web browser application, where you can access the internet from your television. This is a fairly straightforward way to access the internet from a TV.
  • We are new to streaming, and as such we may experience some technical difficulties, and you may as well. For the best possible experience, we recommend that you have your link open and running on the device you plan to watch the performance on at least 20 minutes before the show begins.
  • The performances will have one 20 minute intermission.

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